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Nat Steele Quartet @ The Victory Club.

Wed Sep 25, 03:32 PM

In the 1950s, when bebop was still all the rage, a supercool quartet decided to take jazz in another direction – though not one that was universally welcomed at the time.

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Steve Fishwick Trio @ The Victory Club.

Wed Sep 25, 03:29 PM

Jazz musicians are renowned for thinking on their feet, but when circumstances throw them a curveball, their inventiveness can take the breath away. Such was the case this evening!

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Forthcoming Events

Mon Jan 27, 08:00 PM The Tim Whitehead Quartet at The Everyman Irving Studio Theatre, Regent Street Cheltenham, GL50 1HQ.

Welcome to 2020 and the year starts here! We are still here and have a great year in store for you starting with this fantastic quartet!

Tim Whitehead hails from Liverpool, his dad being one of the Beano writers of Dennis the Menace, so a bit of creativity there! Tim dabbled with music, decided to go into law and then back to his true love, music. He was one of the saxes in Loose Tubes amongst other things, having a very wide career, he honed his trade until he was a very widely respected player. The Birmingham Post saying : “Whitehead has a highly personal, always gorgeous sound on tenor and an infinite vocabulary – in a country of fine saxophonists he is one of the finest.” Sounds good!

Tim has a couple of bands on the go, this one has the amazing Jonathan Gee on piano. Jonathan has been with us several times and it’s great to welcome him back.

On bass tonight we have a new name, Andy Hamill. Andy has played bass with a whole load of people, over a wide range of genres taking his bass all over the world (no mean feat!)

Drums, tonight, are taken care of by Tom Hooper who, in Cornwall, had his first drum kit at 8, playing professionally at 14 and a degree in Jazz Performance at the RAM before, again, a very varied career.

This will be the ideal gig to get up close to and the Irving Theatre will be the ideal place to do it in. but beware space is limited, so get your tickets early.

Fri Feb 21, 08:00 PM The Roger Beaujolais Quartet at The Victory Club, Burlington House, Lypiatt Road, Cheltenham. GL50 2SY

Roger Beaujolais, happily, is no stranger to us, he is always welcome back so we can, again, experience his mystical technique and his vast repertoire of tunes. I also suspect that a lot of folk are absolutely fascinated by the vibraphone, it is a very special instrument.

Another treat tonight is Robin Aspland on piano. Robin plays a multitude of different keyboard instruments and has worked with a multitude of musicians.

Bass is looked after by Simon Thorpe. Simon plays in funky electric bands, 30’s swing bands but tonight his feet will be firmly in the modern jazz setting.

On drums tonight we welcome back Winston Clifford, Very much one of our favourite drummers. Winston started his path at the Guildhall with Trevor Tomkins (ex Tubby drummer) and has played with virtually everybody since.

All this in the fantastic Victory Club Ballroom, you can even have a dance if you want to!

Fri Mar 20, 08:00 PM The Nicolas Meier Standards Trio at The Victory Club, Burlington House, Lypiatt Road, Cheltenham. GL50 2SY

Leading tonight’s proceedings, on guitar, we have Nicolas Meier, originally from Switzerland, now spreading his talents worldwide. After picking up guitar at the age of 12 Nicolas now plays Classical, Jazz, Latin, Flamenco, Rock and, Pop genres. Tonight we will be firmly entrenched in jazz!

On bass tonight we have Jakob Cywinski, born in Poland lives in London and studied at the Royal College of Music. Jakob did his time with a few London and Welsh orchestras , travelled the world playing bass whilst developing a successful career in jazz. All this whilst picking up a few prestigious prizes, Jakub certainly sounds as though he knows his bass!

Eric Ford is on drums, he says: “I don’t want to be pigeon-holed as a ‘‘jazz drummer’‘ because I enjoy and have a lot of experience of playing many other styles of music.” So, a drummer born near Liverpool, college at Birmingham, played in China, lived for a while in Paris, all the time being exposed to different genres.

Tonight we have three guys who have travelled the world studying, absorbing, developing and playing. It will be a riveting gig, all that experience distilled into one evening of pure jazz!

Tue Apr 14, 08:00 PM The Chris Ingham Quartet at The Everyman Irving Studio Theatre, Regent Street Cheltenham, GL50 1HQ.

This gig is headlined as “The Jazz of Dudley Moore.” Now, when I hear of Dudley Moore, I think of his conversations with Peter Cook, but, behind that comic genius there was a very serious side, that of an extremely talented jazz pianist. At the time, I don’t think this was widely appreciated, but Chris Ingham is doing all he can to right this.

Chris started in jazz via punk drumming, orchestral fiddling and dixieland strumming, so, a good mix! Looking at his forthcoming gig list, Chris is very busy, now playing with all the right kind of people!

Supporting Chris tonight, on trumpet we have Paul Higgs, Paul, a new name to us but his musical career is so varied and vast I’m sure that we would of heard him one way or another. His sphere covers jazz, classical, theatre and film, composition and performance.

On bass we have Geoff Gascoyne, he is Professor of jazz bass at the Guildhall School of Music and is head of bass department at London School of Contemporary Music and has played with an awful lot of the big names in jazz.

On drums we have George Double, another very talented musician, this time working with Trinity College and working with everybody in the business.

Given the inspiration of this gig and the talent of the group, this should be a very special evening, don’t forget to book early or you will miss it!