Cheltenham Jazz - the future.

The good news is that there is a future! Several of our committee members have decided to retire for personal reasons and for a while we did not know whether or not Cheltenham Jazz would continue.

Simon Radford our very able and trusted secretary has decided to call it a day and obviously with his depth of experience we were uncertain of the future, however, after a very useful meeting we decided to go forward under the leadership of Gil Emery. Gil’s been with the club forever so he knows what’s what!

John Biscombe also is stepping down, John always looked after record / CD sales, he can see these declining so, thought it would be a good time to bow out.

Steve Cooper, our sound guy for many years, has also called time. Steve worked tirelessly for years providing excellent sound at the gigs, then, handing over knowledge and hardware to keep things going.

We give them sincere thanks for what they have all done and thanks for their offers of support for the future.

The new team are, naturally, quite nervous about taking on this commitment for the future so we are asking all our audience members to come out to support us when ever you can. We are committed to carry on in the same vein of top class jazz, we don’t want to lower standards, so, bums on seats! Please!

Phil Lewis,
11 March 2018.