The Nicolas Meier Trio at The Victory Club, Burlington House, Lypiatt Road, Cheltenham. GL50 2SY

Leading tonight’s proceedings, on guitar, we have Nicolas Meier, originally from Switzerland, now spreading his talents worldwide. After picking up guitar at the age of 12 Nicolas now plays Classical, Jazz, Latin, Flamenco, Rock and, Pop genres. Tonight we will be firmly entrenched in jazz!

On bass tonight we have Jakob Cywinski, born in Poland lives in London and studied at the Royal College of Music. Jakob did his time with a few London and Welsh orchestras , travelled the world playing bass whilst developing a successful career in jazz. All this whilst picking up a few prestigious prizes, Jakub certainly sounds as though he knows his bass!

Eric Ford is on drums, he says: “I don’t want to be pigeon-holed as a ‘‘jazz drummer’‘ because I enjoy and have a lot of experience of playing many other styles of music.” So, a drummer born near Liverpool, college at Birmingham, played in China, lived for a while in Paris, all the time being exposed to different genres.

Tonight we have three guys who have travelled the world studying, absorbing, developing and playing. It will be a riveting gig, all that experience distilled into one evening of pure jazz!