Tina May & Nikki Iles Quartet @ The Victory Club, Burlington House, Lypiatt Road, Cheltenham. GL50 2SY

I very often say we have a treat in store tonight, but this time I really mean it! Not one, but two ladies of jazz, both masters (or mistresses) of their art.

Tina last sang for us in the heady days of the D Fly, so that is a while ago and Nikki was on piano with us a year or so ago (time does fly). The great thing about these two is that they both enjoy what they do, they do it well and everyone wins!

On bass, another treat, Arnie Somogyi, Arnie has been playing bass for us for years and it’s always good to have him back.

On drums we welcome a new face (I think) Steve Brown, Steve is well established on the British jazz scene and I can’t think why we haven’t had him before as he is a great drummer and superbly sympathetic to what’s going on around him. Watching Steve you can see that he is another one of these folk who enjoy what they are doing.

So, all in all, it will be slightly different, but most importantly, it will be jazz, high quality, enjoyable jazz! Tickets £17 and £15 for members. Don’t miss it!