About Cheltenham Jazz

Cheltenham and Jazz were not always synonymous.

In 1984 a group of local enthusiasts joined those words together, and suddenly musicians famous from LP sleeves were playing at the Queen’s Hotel. Amongst them: Archie Shepp, Max Roach, Teddy Edwards, Red Rodney, Sheila Jordan, Kenny Drew, Ray Bryant, Yakata Shiina, Kirk Lightsey and Jean Toussaint.

Also and always, the best of British players: Ronnie Scott, Bobby Wellins, Don Weller, Humphrey Lyttelton, Pete King, Tony Kofi, Ambulance, Jim Hart – a huge list goes on.

Cheltenham Jazz participation in the Music Festival led the way to the (now entirely separate) annual Jazz Festival. And CJ continues all year through, at two ideal venues: The Everyman Studio Theatre – a perfect, intimate listening space, and a room in the elegant surroundings of the Victory Club in Lypiatt Road Cheltenham with comfortable seating for up to a hundred people.

We mix London and international band gigs, with featured A* leaders supported by a fine, rhythm section, currently Dave Newton (piano), Tom Hill (bass) and Simon Radford (drums).

Cheltenham Jazz is a registered charity (No 1115807), run by a volunteer committee, with no income other than ticket revenue, profits from CD sales and the occasional sponsorship – which we accept with maximum gratitude and widespread publicity.